Emil Trenkle
Physician and Oculist/Arzt  - San Francisco

Emil Trenkle in America

In 1847, Emil begins his medical education at the University of Freiburg in Baden.

As a result of the Revolution of 1849 Emil and his younger brother Joseph were expelled from their native Baden, Germany. Joseph (age 19) came to America to teach music and support Emil's medical education. (Memoirs by Wihelm His)

In 1851, Emil transfered to the University of Würzburg in Bavaria to continue his medical eduation. He completed his studies the spring of 1853.

September 1853, Emil with his Mother, Josepha, and brother-in-law Charles Litzelmann came to America.

Charles Litzelmann was a watchmaker and settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  In 1855 Charles Litzelmann's wife and children emigrated from Germany.  He died in 1883 in Massachusetts.

Emil's Mother stayed with his Brother Joseph in Boston, and Emil returned to Germany.  According to his autobiography written 8 July 1859, he went briefly to Gressen and then to Breslau (present day Wrocław, Poland) (Emil Autobiography).  While in Breslau he conducted a microscopic examination of Cornia of the eye.

24 May 1859 Emil enrolled in the University of Göttingen (University of Göttingen email).  8 July 1859 Emil wrote a letter to the faculty of the University and requested to take the exam for Doctor of Medicine (Emil's Request to University of Göttingen).  This request was granted.

28 July 1859 Emil was approved to practice Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics and Obstetrics (Approbation).

In his autobiography, Emil indicated that he intended to help his Brother and Mother move from Boston to San Francisco as soon as he received his degree from the Univeristy of Göttingen.

His Brother Joseph and Mother Josepha moved to San Francisco 1859-60.

Emil presumably fathers a child, Karl, with Anna Eva Stabernau from Würzburg.  Karl Stabernau was raised in Germany.

March 1861, Emil returns to America.  He settles in San Francisco and practices medicine.  From 1861 to 1865 Emil lives at one address and Joseph and Mother live at another address.

Starting in 1865 Emil and John B. Beutler and family are at the same address.

John B. Beutler was a famous musician.  John B. Beutler and wife Emily were from Freiburg Germany and about the same age as Emil.   John B. Beutler died 26 March 1874.  Emil was the executor of his estate.  Emily Beutler lived with Emil until her death 25 May 1889.

From 1865 to 1870 Joseph and Mother are in Germany.

1871 Emil makes quick trip to Germany.

1875-76  Emil makes trip to Germany

Emil practices medicine until about 1892.

1895 Emil dies.  Ida Beutler Skinner (Daughter of John B. Beutler) was executor of Emal's estate.

Emil left 25,000 to the Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte (German equivalent of the British Royal Society).  The principal was lost during the Weimar Republic.  The Records were lost during the Second World War and DDR.

Emil left $10,000 to the City of Waldkirch.  The principal was lost during the Weimar Republic.

March 18, 1906 an earthquake and the ensuing fire destroyed San Francisco.  All records were lost.

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