Joseph Trenkle
Musician - Boston and San Francisco

Joseph Trenkle in America

Joseph and his older brother Emil were expelled from their native Baden, Germany during the Revolution of 1849 (Memoirs by Wilhelm His).  Their Father, Jakob, is named as a revolutionary in Waldkirch.

In September 1850, Joseph, then 19, comes to America to teach music and support Emil’s medical education at the University of Würzburg.

In 1851 and 1852 Joseph teaches piano and organ at the Pittsfield Massachusetts Young Ladies Institute.  He then moves to Boston, Massachusetts and teaches piano-forte until 1859.

In 1853, Emil finishes his medical studies at the University of Würzburg.  In September, he, his Mother, Josepha, and Josepha’s brother, Charles Litzelmann, all come to America.  Charles Litzelmann is a watchmaker and sets up business in Roxbury Massachusetts.

During aborted trip to Germany in 1858, Joseph was nearly impressed into the Prussian Army.  He quickly becomes a naturalized US citizen. 

In 1859 Joseph and his Mother move from Boston to San Francisco, California to seek a milder climate for Joseph's health.  In 1860 Joseph and his Mother are living at 653 Howard St., San Francisco and Joseph is teaching piano.

In 1861 Emil returns to America from Germany.  He goes to San Francisco begins practicing medicine.  

Joseph continues teaching piano until 1865 when he applies for a passport; he requests that the passport be sent to a New York hotel.  (The transcontinental railroad was not completed until 1869.  To go to New York from San Francisco he would have taken a ship to either Nicaragua or Panama, gone overland, and then boarded another ship to New York.  The journey would have taken about a month.)

In November 1870, he and his mother arrive in Baltimore, Maryland from Germany. Joseph returns to San Francisco by the transcontinental railroad (about 8 days). He resumes teaching music.

May 1876, Joseph is in New York and applies for a passport.  He apparently goes to Germany and returns May 1877.

October 19, 1878 he suddenly dies at the age of 47 in San Francisco.  His estate is valued at $18,000 in gold coin.

There are numerous references to Joseph Trenkle in newspapers, periodical, and books.  He is well respected for both his teaching and performances.

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