Letter from Attorney Alfred Fuhrman, San Francisco, concerning the estate of Emil Trenkle

Fuhrman Letter

Alfred Fuhrman
Attorney and Counselor at Law
220 Sansome Street
Rooms 4 & 6
San Francisco, August 2, 1896

Mr. Karl Trenkle, 544 1/2  East 12th St., New York City

I have received your letter of July 26 and I am glad to learn that you have received everything and are satisfied.  However you owe no thanks to Mrs. Skinner, for she had only paid the extra amount because she feared you would contest the will when I wrote a letter that you are his natural son and I can prove this.  If you had actually given me the proof, then I would never accept the money, but have demanded the lion's share for you.  If you wish, in spite of this, then I want to deliver the letter to her although she cannot read German.  I hope that it is not letter of appreciation because, as I said, you owe her no thanks. Early answer anticipated.
Friendly Greetings:

/s/ Alfred Fuhrman