by Wilhelm His

Würzburg (1852 - 1853)

Among my colleagues at Würzburg, I have to thank (Emil) Trenkle from Baden.  He and his brother (Joseph) were expelled from Baden during the Revolution of 1849.  The brother went to American and earned money by teaching music to support Emil’s medical education.  When (Emil) Trenkle completed his studies, he was to go to America and enable his brother to return to Germany and complete his education.

(Emil) Trenkle was expelled from Würzburg by the Bavarian Police. Luckily he had completed his studies and was in the process of going to Bremen and then to America.

After I left Würzburg, I had several brief messages from my friend Trenkle, but lost contract with him though the years until 1895.  Then came the news that a German Doctor Trenkle in San Francisco had bequest a considerable amount to the foundation “Gesellschaft deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte”.  Dr. Rudolf Virchow is distributing the interest earned on this bequest.  Through this foundation, I recognized the ideal senses of my old friend and was sorry that I had not more ties with him during his lifetime.

Wilhelm His

(Source: Google Books)